Quick Fun Facts About Your Library!

  • The Burk’s Falls Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library first opened on January 20th, 1896!
  • We are over 120 years old!
  • The Library was once located in the rear of Mrs. Dan Wilson’s Millinary Store (south of the former pharmacy)!
  • Local authors have library cards here!
  • Former Reeve and MPP Stan Darling had visited the library and donated his book: “The Darling Diaries”!

Past Librarians

He was believed to be the first Librarian for the Burk’s Falls Library. When he worked for the Library around the time of the First World War, the building was located in the rear of Mrs. Dan Wilson’s Millinery Store, south of the former pharmacy. She would accept returned books through a window with a wide board for a shelf.

She made a major contribution to our library! She was Librarian for 30 years (from the years 1932-1962). We had donated a desk to the Burk’s Falls Museum that has a plaque with her name on it in memory of her services.

She was Librarian after Olive Watson from 1963-1969.

She was Librarian for a total of 13 years. She was married to a man named Al Purdie who owned “Pete” the Black Bear that lived right in Burk’s Falls! The couple also owned a gas station station called “Purdie Esso”.

She started working as the Librarian in 1984. When she was considered for the job, she was competing with 15 other people! She was considered the most qualified for the position, and served as our Librarian for 5 years. During this time, the planning of the new location for the Library took place and the move from the old location to the current location (39 Copeland Street), became a reality. She gives much credit to Mr. Henry Wilkinson who was the Board Chair during that time. She says without his vision, the library may have never moved to where it is today. She is still a patron of our library!

She was Librarian for 10 years (1989-2000). In that time, she took on the project of putting all the books in our collection on file. She re-catalogued them for the new system and we thank her every day for doing that for the library. We know how much time it would have taken and it still helps us to this day!

She had taken the time to write a letter about her time as our Librarian and it has been added to the “Past Librarians” project found in the Local History Section of our Library.

She was the C.E.O. before Nieves Guijarro, our current C.E.O. She was Librarian for a total of 12 years. Some of the magazines we receive are still addressed to her! 

Local History Section!

Our Local History section is filled with local and provincial newspapers, books, maps, genealogy & ancestry, photo albums and more!
These resources can also be found DIGITALLY on our Local History Drive!

Every town has a story... learn about ours!

Discover the past in two ways with the Burk’s Falls and District Historical Society. Go back to school at the Wiseman’s Corner Schoolhouse in Ryerson Township, complete with deskschalkboard, and an antique bell. Then, step into another era at the Watt Century Farmhouse in Armour Township, a re-creation of an early 1900s-homestead. See Burk’s Falls through the eyes of those who settled here 125 years ago.” 

Be sure to check out the Burk’s Falls District Historical Society website to learn more!

Where are you?

The answer to that question is right here with our local and provincal maps! Arranged by Regions, we have numerous maps of the surrounding areas and mapsphotos of the construction of Highway 11! 

Also, be sure to check out our Local History Flipbook with Local Aerial Maps from the year 1928!

Discover the History of You...

Interested in your family’s history? Check out our Ancestry & Genealogy display and learn more about your ancestry!

Sneak a glance through the Library’s past by picking up a Photo Album! Featuring: town development, Stan Darling, library memories, etc.(In-Library Use Only)

Everybody LOVES Meetings!

Observe as the Library Minutes progress through time from 1956 to present!

Terry Boyle

1953 – 2016

Terry Boyle was a regular patron at the Burk’s Falls Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library. He served as a Board Trustee on the Library Board from 2015 to 2016. He was a Canadian authorlecturer and teacher who shared his love and passion for history and folklore in his many books since 1976, including fourHaunted Ontario titles. He hosted a television show: “Creepy Canada” and a radio show on Classical 103.1 FM called “Discover Ontario”.

He also hosted popular Entwood Tours, haunted and historic guided walks in Parry Sound and Bala, Ontario nearly every summer season, as well as “Evening With An Author” at the library almost every Halloween.

We were truly saddenned to hear of his passing on Monday, July 11th, 2016.

Memorial Display 2018

The novels were a part of Terry Boyle’s personal collection.

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